looking for OS software used in conservation

Chris Puttick c.puttick@oxfordarch.co.uk
Wed Oct 11 13:24:50 CEST 2006

Not specific to any of your points, but VLMA may be useful for e-managing collections:


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Subject: looking for OS software used in conservation
Dear list members,

I would be interested to get hold of any information about Open Source
Software that can be or has been used in conservation of antiquities and
works of art. More specifically I would like to use software that could
simplify the following tasks:

   1. Documentation of finds and sites preservation condition.
   2. Deterioration mapping.
   3. Digital reassembling of fragmented objects.
   4. Software similar to Image pro Discovery.
   5. Rectify digital images of planar objects (e.g. facades, views of
   ceilings and walls,
   floors or even wallpapers and textiles).
   6. Rectification uses geometric information (height and width of a
   rectangle measured on-site).
   7. and anything else that you may have use or thing that can be used.

Although, this approach may look too general, at present time I am not able
to make it more specific regarding the lake of information (or my sort
knowledge) in the field of OS used in conservation projects.

Thank you for any information that may help my search.

Nikolaos Maniatis

Nikolaos Maniatis
Conservation Technician
Crysostomou Smyrnis 13
176-71 kallithea
Athens - Greece
+30 6932970257


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