mixare e scrub

Yuri tp@lists.linux.it
14 Sep 2002 14:52:15 +0200

Ciao! devo aggiornare la traduzione di sweep e sono comparsi nuovi
termini tecnici.=20

"Mixdown" lo lascio invariato? mixdown =E8 quando trasformi un campione
sonoro stereo in mono, miscelando i 2 canali. a proposito: "miscelare"
credo sia poco usato, ho sempre sentito "mixare". E` corretto?

"scrub" e "scrubbing" ? li lascio invariati? Ecco la spiegazione

Scrubbing with Scrubby=20
What is scrubbing?=20
Generally, the scrub tool in a digital media editor allows you to locate
specific items of interest or jump directly to specific points in time
by interacting with a timeline or other visual representation of time.=20

Sweep features a number of complementary scrubbing methods:
* The scrub tool, called "Scrubby", allows you to jump directly to
specific portions of the waveform on screen, and gives immediate audio
feedback. By slowly dragging the mouse cursor over the waveform, you can
interactively listen to the waveform to sample accuracy.=20
* When selecting a region or moving the edges of a region, Scrubby gives
you immediate audible feedback. This makes it very easy to chop up
sounds because you can hear the region edges while you are selecting.
* The timeline above the waveform is always available as a scrubbing
mechanism, without automatically invoking audio feedback. This is useful
for navigation with quick scrubbing operations during playback.=20
* Simply dragging the horizontal scrollbar during playback allows you to
very quickly move through the file with audio feedback.