Application directory

Andrea Celli
Gio 28 Ago 2003 14:48:59 CEST

Alle 09:45, giovedì 28 agosto 2003, yuri ha scritto:
> Qual è la traduzione di «Application directory»?
> An application directory is a directory which can be run as an
> application. It contains all the resources of an application — source
> code, binaries, documentation and so on. Keeping everything in one place
> make installation and uninstallation much easier for users. You can also
> keep multiple versions of a program by simply having several application
> directories. You may move and rename them as you please. Application
> directories make programs easier to use and install.
> Io ho sempre detto «directory di applicazione», ma è giusto?

Direi piuttosto «directory dell'applicazione»
ciao, Andrea

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