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Oggetto: [Gvsig_english] New stable version of gvSIG Desktop available:
gvSIG 1.9
Data: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:57:29 +0100
Da: comunicacion_gvsig@gva.es
Rispondi-a: Users and Developers mailing list
A: comunicacion_gvsig@gva.es

A new stable version of gvSIG Desktop has been released: gvSIG Desktop

It?s available on the Downloads section of the gvSIG website:

This new version has many new features which are listed next.

     * Symbology:
           o Density point legend.
           o Symbol editor.
           o Graduated symbol legend.
           o Proportional symbol legend.
           o Quantity category legend.
           o Symbology levels.
           o Load/Save SLD legend.
           o Expressions legend.
           o Basic default symbols.
           o Two differents measure systems for symbols and labels (in
the paper / in the world).

     * Labelling:
           o Creation of individualized annotations.
           o Overlaps labeling control.
           o Priority position labeling.
           o Range scale visualization of labeling.
           o Orientation of labeling.
           o Different location options for labeling.
           o More kind of measure units for labeling.

     * Raster and remote sensing:
           o Clipping of bands and data
           o Export layers
           o Save from view to raster file
           o Color table and gradient edition
           o No data values management
           o Pixel process (filters)
           o Color interpretation management
           o Overview creation
           o Enhanced radiometric
           o Histogram
           o Geolocation
           o Raster reprojection
           o Georeferencing
           o Automatic vectorization
           o Region of Interest (ROI) definition

     * Internationalitation:
           o New languages: English (USA), Portuguesebrazilian,
Turkish, Russian, Greek, Swahili, Serbian.
           o Translation management extension integrated.

     * Editing:
           o Matrix.
           o Scale.
           o Explode.
           o New snappings.
           o Polygon cutting.
           o Polygon autocompletation
           o Polygon joining.
           o Previous editing selection.

     * Geoprocessing:
           o Geoprocessing tools can now work with line layers besides
with polygon layers.

     * Tables:
           o New wizard for joining tables.

     * Layout:
           o Add grid to the view into Layout.

     * Project:
           o Wizard for recovering layers which path has changed.
           o Online help.

     * Interface:
           o Possibility of hiding toolbars.
           o New icons.

     * CRS:
           o CRS management extension JCRS v.2 integrated.

     * Other:
           o Improvementes in the reading of format DWG 2004
           o Improvements of the hyperlink operations.
           o Record the symbology legend path.
           o Add "GeoServeisPort" server in the Nomenclator.
           o Independent units for distances and Areas.
           o Open layer properties by double clicking.

Also the following tools of the extension made by the Consejería de
Medio Ambiente of the Junta de Castilla y León have been added:

     * Selection tools:
           o Selection by polyline
           o Selection by circle
           o Selection by buffer
           o Select all

     * Information tools:
           o Fast information tool (informs about a geometry when the
mouse stays on it)
           o Multicoordinates tool: allows to visualize the view
coordinates simultaneously in geographic and UTM coordinates, even for
a different Zone from the one selected for the current view.

     * Hyperlink:
           o Improvement of the current hyperlink.
           o Link different actions to the same layer
           o Link properly several actions within one view.
           o Add raster or vector layers in one view.
           o Link to PDF files
           o Link to HTML files
           o Add new hyperlink actions with the help of plugins

     * Data transformation tools:
           o Export of tables subsets to DBF and Excel format.
           o Add geographical information to the layer (for instance,
add the Area,
           o Perimeter, etc. fields to a table in a faster way).
           o Import tables fields.
           o Interactively transform points to lines or polygons, and
lines to polygons.
     * Open/save projects:
           o Automatic backup of the .GVP when the project is saved.

     * Other:
           o Print view using a template.
           o Select the order for loading several layers (for example,
it allows specifying the loading of shapes on top of the the raster
data by defect).

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