[ArcheOS] Photogrammetry package - Photo-mapped models

Ricardo Gaidão caioviator@yahoo.com.br
Gio 14 Apr 2011 23:22:16 CEST

Hi all!

Thanks to Alessandro for making the photogrammetry package GUI even more complete!

I already tried it and achieved good results using decorated pottery, stone inscriptions, rock art, small architectural elements, stone carved structures (graves, pits). 

Inscriptions and rock art models, created from photo sets, taken at broad day light, provided similar results obtained with traditional methods, like night photo with lateral illumination.

The results are very good and, according to Pierre (if I correctly understood), with a 64 bits version of the package and a computer with lot of RAM they can be improved. 

However, I think it would be also very useful, the ability to create photo-realistic models using the projections of the objects photos. 

With this I'm referring to an automatic method that correctly create the texture using the various camera projections.

Henri Astre and Josh Harle achieve good results using 3DS Max:


Olafur Haraldsson achieve promising results using Maya:


The problem remains: good results with proprietary/non free/closed software.

Is there any way to do the same using Blender?

Bundler+PMVS/CMVS point colored meshes are fantastic, but photomapped models are more appropriated to record objects like decorated pottery, tiled floors and architectural facades, demanding less photos and less computer resources/calculation.  

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