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Fabrizio Furnari fab.furnari@email.it
Sab 8 Dic 2012 21:26:45 CET

Hi Nicola, sorry for the late answer,
This is probably the most requested feature from the ArcheOS users, and I
believe that the next version of ArcheOS will probably be available in 32
and 64 bit flavors.
But to achieve this goal we need to work hard to convert all custom
packaged software to 64 bit version. This can be done either manually or
building debian source packages. Obviously the latter is the best solution
but is also the one that requires more work.
In a few day we should send an update to the ArcheOS ML about all ArcheOS 5
packages status.
Thanks for your feedback,


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 5:27 PM, Nicola Schavottiello

> Hi
> I was just wandering if you hare planning a 64 bit version of ArcheOS in
> the near future.
> Many thanks
> Nicola
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