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Mer 26 Dic 2012 17:50:49 CET


Hi all,
after an hard work on the excavations we should have time to start again with ArcheOS 5 development. I would like to check every week a software category, starting form the software list of ArcheOS 4 that you can read on github wiki (https://github.com/archeos/ArcheOS/wiki/Package-list) or in ATOR (http://arc-team-open-research.blogspot.co.at/2012/11/archeos-4-software-list.html), also to update the software selection for ArcheOS 5, that will be written in the wiki (https://github.com/archeos/ArcheOS/wiki/Package-list-%28Theodoric%29)I will start with the CAD category, which should be the first one. By now in ArcheOS 4 we have two software: QCAD (for 2D) and FreeCAD (for 3D). We already agreed to change QCAD with LibreCAD (which seems to be closer to Free Software philosophy and probably will develop faster than QCAD). FreeCAD should be confirmed, it seems to be a very good software. We still have the question regarding BRLCAD. That's my opinion about this software: 

pros:- very powerful software (developed mainly by US Army)- possibility to analyze the 3D models also considering the different materials
- there is already a packaged versioncons:
- difficult to use
- not yet tested in archaeology 

To summarize, it would be simple to add BRLCAD to ArcheOS and the software would give the possibility to do very advanced analyses on 3D models, butmaybe it is a too specific tool. 
What's your opinion about it? 
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