[ArcheOS] Tips to overcome problems LAN network

Sofia Menconero sofia.3@libero.it
Mar 26 Feb 2013 22:54:18 CET

Hi all,
after installing ArcheOS I had problems to connect via LAN to the internet, 
but wi-fi worked.
If someone has the same problem can overcome it in this way:

- make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged in and Wi-Fi is disabled
- open the shell and check if the Ethernet drivers are installed writing 
"ifconfig" command (if you read something about eth0 it's ok)
- verify the connection writing "ping" (if it do not give errors, the 
connection is ok and you can stop the process by Ctrl+D)
- verify the connection to the internet writing "ping www.google.it", here was 
my problem because it returned "unknown host" (DSN problem)
- open Network Setting and check the DSN (in my case no number was written!)
- add in DSN (or other numbers you know)
- open the shell and check if writing "cat /etc/resolv.conf" appears 
"nameserver" (if it appears it's ok)
- verify again the connection to the internet writing "ping www.google.it" and 
now it shoud work (stop the process by Ctrl+D)
- open a browser and enjoy it

Sofia Menconero

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