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Tue, 31 Dec 2002 18:57:16 +0100

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Spero abbiate tutti installato quel simpatico programmino a nome wtf (fa
parte dei bsd-games). L'unica cosa che non va =E8 che il suo database =E8
limitato. Per ovviare a ci=F2 ecco a voi un file un poco pi=F9 completo.
L'installazione =E8 semplice; basta metterlo al posto dell'originale
(magari quello rinominatelo .old ad esempio) in /usr/share/misc/acronyms.

Ciao, e Buon Anno.=20
0000000: 2a20 6b7c 627c 7320 2a20 6d61 696c 746f  * k|b|s * mailto
0000010: 2060 6563 686f 2074 692e 6775 6c67 6240   `echo ti.gulgb@
0000020: 7362 6b7c 2772 6576 2760 0a0a            sbk|'rev'`..

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AAMOF	   as a matter of fact
AAMOI	   as a matter of interest
ADDY	   address
ADN	   any day now
AFAIC      as far as I'm concerned
AFAICR	   as far as I can recall
AFAICT     as far as I can tell
AFAIK      as far as I know 
AFAIR	   as far as I recall
AFJ        April fools joke 
AFK        away from keyboard
AISI       as I see it 
AIUI       as I understand It
AKA        also known as
ANFAWFOS   and now for a word from our sponsor 
ANFSCD     and now for something completely different
A-OLS      administrators on-line
AS         another subject 
ASAP       as soon as possible
ASCII      American Standard Code for Information
ASL	   age, sex, location
ATM        at the moment
ATSL       along the same line 
AWGTHTGTTA are we going to have to go through this again?
AWHAFY     are we having any fun yet? 
AWOL	   absent without official leave
AYBABTU	   all your base are belong to us
AYOR       at your own risk 
B4         before
B4N        bye for now
BAD        broken as designed
BAK        back at keyboard 
B          back
BBFN       bye bye for now
BBIAB      be back in a bit 
BBIAF      be back in a few  
BBL	   [I'll] be back later
BBR        burnt beyond repair 
BBS	   be back soon
BBSOL      be back sooner or later
BBT	   be back tomorrow
B/C        because
BCNU       be seeing you
BCNU       be seein' you 
BD         big deal
BEG        big evil grin 
BF         boy friend 
BFD        big fucking deal
BFN        bye for now
BFO        blinding flash of the obvious
BG         big grin
BGLUG      Bergamo Linux User Group (it rocks!)
BIAB	   back in a bit
BIAF	   back in a few
BIALW	   back in a little while
BIAS	   back in a second
BIAW	   back in a while
BIF        before I forget 
BIL        brother-in-law
BION       believe it or not
BITGOD     back in the good old days
BO         buffer or brain overload
BOFH	   bastard operator from hell
BOHICA	   bend over here it comes again
BOT        robot or back on topic
BRB	   [I'll] be right back
BR         burnt beyond repair
BRS        big red switch
BS         bullshit 
BSOD       blue screen of death (pc crash)
BTA        but then again
BTAIM      be that as it may 
BTDT	   been there, done that
BTDTGTS    been there, done that, got the T-shirt
BTHOM      beats the hell outta me 
BTSOOM     beats the shit out of me
BTTH	   butt to the head
BTW        by the way
BWL        bursting with laughter 
BWQ        buzz word quotient
BYAM       between you and me
BYKT       but you know (or) knew that
BYOB       bring your own bottle 
CFV        call for voting
CIAO       chow (Italian)
CID        crying in disgrace 
CLI        command line interface
CMIIW      correct me if I'm wrong
CNP	   continued [in my] next post
CO         conference or company 
CPP        C++ or C+ programing language
CRAFT      can't remember a fucking thing
C          see
CSG        chuckle, snicker, grin 
CTS        consider the source
CU2        see you, too 
CUD        could
CUL8R      see you later 
CULA       see you later, alligator 
CUL        see you later or catch you later
CUS        commonly used acronym or common user access
CU         see you 
CWYL       chat with you later
CYAL8R     see you all later 
CYA        see ya or cover your ass / see you around 
CY         calm yourself
CYO        see you online
DARFC      ducking and running for cover
DBA        doing business as
DETLA      double extended three letter abbreviation
DH         dear husband
DHYB       don't hold your breath
DIIK       damn if I know
DIKU?      do I know you? 
DILLIGAD   do I look like I give a damn?
DILLIGAF   does it look like I give a fuck
DIY        do it yourself
DK         don't know
DL         download 
DLTBBB     don't let the bed bugs bite. 
DNDK	   don't know, don't care
DOTGOV     government official
DQMOT      don't quote me on this
DQYDJ      don't quit your day job
DTP        desktop publishing
DTRT       do the right thing
DTWT	   do the wrong thing
DUCT       did you see that? 
DU         don't understand
DWIMC      do what I mean, correctly 
DWIM	   do what I mean
DWIMNWIS   do what I mean, not what I say 
EAK        eating at keyboard
EG         evil grin
EMFBI      excuse me for butting in
EMSG	   email message
EOL        end of lecture
EOM        end of message
EOT        end of thread (don't reply to this message)
ETLA       extended three letter acronym 
ETLA	   extended three letter acronym
EWAG	   experienced wild-ass guess
F2F        face to face 
FAQ        frequently asked Question(s)
FC         fingers crossed
FCFS       first come, first served 
FE         fatal error
FHOF       freeware hall of fame
FIIK	   fuck[ed] if I know
FIIOH      forget It I'm outta here
FIIR	   fuck[ed] if I remember
FIL        father-in-law
FISH       first in, still here 
FITB       fill in the blank
FLA        four letter acronym
FMTYEWTK   far more than you ever want to know
FOAD	   fall over and die
FOAF       friend of a friend
FOB        fresh off the boat
FOF        friend of a friend
FOFL       fall on the floor laughing
FOMCL      fell off my chair laughing
FOOMCL     fell out of my chair laughing
FRED       fucking ridiculous electronic device
FSDO	   for some definition of
FS         for sale 
FSVO	   for some value of
FTASB      faster than a speeding bullet 
FTF        face-to-face
FTL        faster than light 
FTTT       from time to time
FUBAR	   fucked up beyond all recognition / fouled up beyond all repair
FUBB       fouled up beyond belief
FUD        fear, uncertainty, and doubt or disinformation
FURTB      full up ready to burst 
FWIW       for what it's worth
FYAE       for your amusement and edification
FYA        for your amusement 
FYI	   for your information
FYI        for your Information
G2G        got to go 
GAFIA      get away from it all
GA         go ahead 
GALGAL     give a little, get a little
GAL        get a life
GDARF      grinning, ducking and running fast
GDARVVF    grinning, ducking and running very very fast
GDAW       grinning, ducking and weaving
GDRF       grinning, ducking and running fast
GDR        grinning, ducking and running
GDW        grin, duck and weave 
GDWVF      grinning, ducking, and walking very fast
GF         girl friend. 
GFN        gone for now. 
GFR        grim file reaper 
GG         gota go
G          grin
GIGO       garbage in, garbage out
GIWIST     gee, I wish I'd said that
GLGH       good luck and good hunting
GL         good luck
GMTA       great minds think alike
GMTA       great minds think alike
GMV        got my vote
GN         good night
GOWI       get on with it
GR8        great
GRAD       grinning running & ducking
GRD        grinning running & ducking
GTBOS      glad to be of service
GTG        got to go 
GTSY       great to see you 
GUI        graphical user interface
HAGD       have a great day
HAK        hugs and kisses
HAND       have a nice day
HGAC       hasn't (or) haven't got a clue
HHIS       hanging head in shame. 
HHOJ       ha ha only joking 
HHOK       ha ha, only kidding
HHTYAY     happy holidays to you and yours. 
HK         hugs and kisses 
HOYEW      hanging on your every word 
HSIK       how should I know? 
HTH        hope this helps
IAC        in any case
IAE        in any event
IANAD      I am not a doctor
IANAL      I am not a lawyer
IAO        I am outtahere
IAT        I am tired
IAW        in accordance with 
IBCNU      I'll be seeing your
IBK        idiot behind keyboard
IBTD       I beg to differ
ICBW       I could be wrong
IC         I see
IDK        I don't know
IDTT       I'll drink to that
IGTP       I get the point
IHAFC	   I haven't a fucking clue
IHA        I hate acronyms
IHNFC	   I have no fucking clue
IIABDFI    if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
IIANM	   if I am not mistaken
IINM       if I'm not mistaken
IIRC       if I recall correctly
IIR        if I recall
IIWM       if it were me 
IJWTK      I just want to know 
IJWTS      I just want to say 
IKWUM      I know what you mean 
ILF        I'll look forward
ILU        I love you
ILY        I love you
IMA        I might add 
IMAO       in my arrogant opinion
IMCO       in my considered opinion
IME        in my experience 
IMHO       in my humble opinion
IMNSHO     in my not so humble opinion
IMOBO      in my own biased opinion.
IMO        in my opinion
IMPOV      in my point of view 
INPO       in no particular order
IOW        in other words
IRC        internet relay chat
IRL        in real life
ISDN       it still does nothing
ISP        Internet Service Provider
ISS        I'm so sure 
ISTM	   it seems to me
ISTR       I seem to recall
ISWYM      I see what you mean
ITFA       in the final analysis 
ITRW       in the real world
ITSFWI     if the shoe fits wear it. 
ITYM	   I think you mean
IWALU      I will always love you 
IWBNI      it would be nice if
IYFEG      insert your favorite ethnic group  
IYKWIMAITYD if you know what I mean and I think you do.
IYKWIM     if you know what I mean
IYSWIM     if you see what I mean
JAM        just a minute 
JAS        just a second 
JFI        just for information  
JIC        just in case
JJ         just joking 
JK         just kidding
JMO        just my opinion 
JSNM       just stark naked magic
JTLYK      just to let you know  
JTYWTK     just thought you wanted to know
JVNP       Just venting, nothing personal
KHYF       know how you feel 
KIBO       knowledge in, bullshit out 
KISS       keep it simple, stupid 
KITA	   kick in the ass
KIT        keep in touch 
KMA        kiss my ass 
KMYF       kiss me you fool
KNF	   kernel normal form
K          Okay
KOTC       kiss on the cheek
KWIM?      know what I mean? 
KYFC       keep your fingers crossed 
L8R        later
L8TR       later
LABATYD    life's a bitch and then you die 
LART	   luser attitude readjustment tool (ie, hammer)
LD         long distance (or) later dude
LDR        long distance relationship
LJBF       let's just be friends 
L          laughing
LLTA       lots and lots of thunderous applause 
LMAO       laughing my ass off
LMHO       laughing my head off  
LMKOAP     let me know of any problems
LMSO	   laughing my socks off
LOL        laughing out loud
LOOL       laughing outrageously outloud
LSHHTCMS   laughed so hard had to change my shorts
LTHTT      laughing too hard to type 
LTM        laughing to myself
LTNS       long time no see 
LTNT       long time, no type 
LTR        long term relationship
LTS        laughing to self 
LULAB      love you like a brother
LULAS      love you like a sister
LUWAMH     love you with all my heart. 
LY         love you 
MB         maybe
MHBFY      my heart bleeds for you
MHOTY      my hat's off to you
MIL        mother-in-law
MLA        multiple letter acronym
MOF        matter of fact 
MOOF       modem offline
MorF       male or female
MOSS       member of the same sex
MOTAS      member of the appropriate sex
MOTD       message of the day 
MOTOS      member of the opposite sex
MOTSS      member of the same sex
MSG        message
MTFBWY     may the force be with you 
MTFBWY     may the force be with you
MTF	   more to follow
MYOB       mind your own business  
N1         nice one
NAVY       never again voluneer yourself. 
NBD        no big deal 
NBFD       no big fucking deal
NE1        anyone
NEWAY      anyway
NFC	   no fucking clue
NFI	   no fucking idea
NFW        no fucking way
NHOH       never heard of him or her 
NIFOC      naked in front of the computer
NIFOK      naked in front of the keyboard
NIH	   not invented here
NIMBY      not in my backyard
NINO       nothing in, nothing out
NM         never mind 
NOYB       none of your business 
NP         no problem
NQA        no questions asked 
NRFPT	   not ready for prime time
NRN        no reply necessary
NSS        no shit, Sherlock
NTIMM      not that it matters much 
NTIM       not that it matters 
NTW        not to worry 
NTYMI      now that you mention it 
NYCTMI     now you come to mention it
OATUS      on a totally unrelated subject 
OAURS      on an unrelated subject
OAUS       on an unrelated subject 
OB         obligatory
OBO        or best offer 
OBTW       oh by the way
OIC        oh, I see
OI         operator indisposed
OLL        online love
OMG        oh my God 
OMIK       open mouth insert keyboard
ONAW       oh no! another wedgie
ONNA       oh no not again
ONNTA      oh no, not this again 
OOI        out of interest
OO         over and out (end of communication)
OOTB       out of the box (brand new)
OOTC       obligatory on topic comment
O          over (end of a communication) 
OSU        oh, shut up
OTFL       on the floor laughing
OTF        on the floor
OTL        out to lunch 
OTOH       on the other hand
OTP        on the phone
OTTH       on the third hand
OTTOMH     off the top of my head 
OTT        over the top 
OWTTE      or words to that effect
PABG       packing a big gun 
PANS       pretty awesome new stuff
PDA        public display of affection
PDOA       public display of affection
PDQ        pretty damn quick
PDS        please don't shout.
PEBKAC     problem exists between keyboard and chair
PFY	   pimply faced youth
PIBKAC     problem is between keyboard and chair
PITA       pain in the ass
PLOKTA     press lots of keys to abort
PLSE       please elaborate
PLS        please
PLZ	   please
PMBI       pardon my butting in
PMFBI      pardon me for butting in
PMFJIB     pardon me for jumping in but
PMFJI      pardon me for jumping in
PMF        pardon my french or pure fucking magic. 
PMINBOM    put mind in gear, before opening mouth 
PMJI       pardon my jumping in
PNCAH      please no cursing allowed here 
PNG	   persona non grata
POC	   point of contact
POLA	   principle of least astonishment
POOF       leaving the room - goodbye
POSSLQ     person of opposite sex sharing living quarters
POTS       plain old telephone service
POV        point of view
PPL        people / pretty please
PSY        please stop yelling
PTB        powers that be
PTMM       please tell me more
PU         that stinks
QED	   quod erat demonstrandum
QL         quit laughing
QT         cutie
RAEBNC     read and enjoyed, but no comment 
RAOK       random act of kindess
RBAY       right back at ya
RBTL       read between the lines
REHI       hi again 
RE         in regard to or hello again
RFC	   request for comments
RHIP       rank has its privileges 
RLCO       real life conference 
RLC	   rod length check
RL         real life 
RML        read my lips
ROFLAS     rolling on floor laughing and screaming
ROFLMAS    rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
ROFL       rolling on the floor laughing 
ROFLWMP    rolling on the floor wetting my pants
ROF        rolling on the floor
ROTFLAMAO  rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (also known as "Rot Flame Oh") 
ROTFLMAO   rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
ROTFLOLPMP rolling on the floor laughing out loud and peeing in my pants
ROTFLOL    rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTFL      rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLTIC   rolling on the floor laughing till I cry 
ROTF       rolling on the floor
ROTM       right on the money
RPG        role playing games
RP	   responsible person
RRQ        return receipt request 
RSN        real soon now
RSVP       please reply (respondez s'il vous plait)
RTBM       read the bloody manual 
RTFAQ      read the frequently asked questions 
RTFB	   read the fine/fucking book
RTFFAQ     read the fine/fucking faq
RTFF       read the fine/fucking faq 
RTFMP	   read the fine/fucking man page
RTFM	   read the fine/fucking manual
RTFS	   read the fine/fucking source
RTM        read the manual 
RTWFQ      read the whole fine/fucking question 
RYFIM      read your fucking information manual
RYFM       read your friendly manual 
RYS        read your screen 
S4L        spam for life
SAPFU      surpassing all previous foul ups 
SCNR       sorry, could not resist 
SCNR       sorry, could not resist
SEC        wait just a second 
SEG        shit eating grin
SEP        someone else's problem
SETE       smiling ear to ear 
SFAIAA     so far as I am aware
SFA	   sweet fuck all
SFETE      smiling from ear to ear
SFLA       stupid four letter acronym
SF         surfer friendly
SHID	   slaps head in disgust
SICS       sitting in chair snickering 
SIG        special interest group
SIL        sister-in-law
SITD       still in the dark
SLAP       sounds like a plan
SLM        see last mail 
SMLSFB	   so many losers, so few bullets
SMOFF      serious mode off
SMON       serious mode on
SMOP	   simple matter of programming
SMOP       small matter of programming
SMO        serious mode on
SNAFU	   situation normal, all fouled/fucked up
SNERT	   snot-nosed egotistical rude teenager
SOB	   son of [a] bitch
SOHF       sense of humor failure
SOL	   shit out [of] luck
SOMY       sick of me yet?
SOS        Help!, or "Same old stuff"
SO         significant other
SOW        speaking of which 
S          smiling
STFW       surf the fucking web 
ST         super tired
STW        surf the web
SUFID      screwing up face in disgust
SUP        what's up? 
SUS	   stupid user syndrome
SWAG	   silly, wild-assed guess
SWAHBI	   silly, wild-assed hare-brained idea
SWIM       see what I mean? 
SWL        screaming with laughter 
SysOP      system operator
SYS        see you soon, system 
TAFL       take a flying leap
TAFN       that's all for now
TAF        that's all, folks! 
TAFT       that's a frightening thought
TANJ       there ain't no justice
TANSTAAFL  there ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TARFU      things are really fouled up 
TBD	   to be {decided,determined,done}
TBYB       try before you buy 
TDM        too damn many
TFH        thread from hell
TFN        thanks for nothing
TFTHAOT    thanks for the help ahead of time 
TFTT       thanks for the thought
TGAL       think globally, act locally 
TGIF       thank God it's Friday
TGIF       thank God it's Friday
TGS        (ctl-alt-del)-three finger salute 
THX        thanks 
TIA        thanks in advance
TIC        tongue in cheek
TINWIS     that is not what I said
TKS        thanks
TLA        three letter acronym
TLK2UL8R   talk to you later
TMA	   too many abbreviations
TMI        too much information
TNSTAAFL   there's no such thing as a free lunch
TNTL       trying not to laugh 
TNX        thanks
TOBAL      there oughta be a law. 
TOBG       this oughta be good. 
TOY        thinking of you. 
TPTB       the powers that be
TRDMC      tears running down my cheeks. 
TSR        totally stupid rules (or) terminate and stay resident (program)
TT4N       ta-ta for now
TTBOMK     to the best of my knowledge
TTFN       ta-ta for now
TTKSF      trying to keep a straight face 
TTL4N      that's the lot for now
TT         ta ta
TTT        that's the ticket
TTUL       talk to you later
TTUT       talk to you tomorrow. 
TTYL       talk to you later
TU         thank you
TWIMC      to whom it may concern
TYCLO      turn your caps lock off and stop shouting
TY         thank you
TYVM       thank you very much
UAE        unrecoverable application error
UCE        unsolicited commerical e-mail
UL         upload
UOK        are you ok? 
UR         you are (or) your
UTSL	   use the source, Luke
UW         you are welcome
U          you
VBG        very big grin
VBSEG      very big shit eating grin
VEG	   very evil grin
WAEF       when all else fails 
WAG	   wild-ass guess
WB         welcome back
WDALYIC    who died and left you in charge?
WDYMBT     what do you mean by that? 
WDYT       what do you think? 
WFM        works for me
WIBAMU     well I'll be a monkey's uncle 
WIBNI      wouldn't it be nice if 
WIFTAN     waste of fucking time and money
WMMOWS     wash my mouth out with soap 
WNOHGB     where no one has gone before 
WOA        work of art 
WOB        waste of bandwidth
WOFTAM	   waste of fucking time and money
WOMBAT	   waste of money, brain, and time
WOTAM      waste of time and money 
WRT        with regard to
WTB        want to buy 
WTFDIK     what the fuck do I know?
WTFO       what the fuck! Over!
WTF	   {what,where,who,why} the fuck
WTGP       want to go private? 
WTG        way to go! 
WTH	   {what,where,who,why} the hell/heck
WTMTOYH    way too much time on your hands
WTTM       without thinking too much. 
WT         without thinking 
WUF?       where are you from?
WWW        world-wide web
WYGIWYPF   what you get is what you pay for
WYSIAYG    what you see is all you get
WYSIWYG    what you see Is what you get
WYWH       wish you were here
XOXOXO     kisses and hugs 
Y2K        year 2000
YABA       yet another boody acronym
YABSA      yet another bloody stupid acronym
YAOTM      yet another off-topic message 
YAUN       yet another unix nerd 
YCHT       you can have them
YGBK       you gotta be kidding
YGBSM      you gotta be shitting me
YGLT       you're gonna love this 
YGTI       you get the idea? 
YGWYPF     you get what you pay for 
YHBT       you have been trolled
YIU        yes, I understand 
YIWGP      yes, I will go private 
YKWIM	   you know what I mean
YKYHB?TLW  you know you have been (?-fill in blank) too long when
YMMV       your mileage may vary
YM         you mean
YWIA       you're welcome in advance
Y          yawning
ZZZ        you're boring the heck out of me