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Al bglug@lists.linux.it
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 14:38:42 +0100

Cosi' scrisse Fernando Figaroli <ff@bglug.it>:

>   Model: "Philips PCA645VC WebCam [pwc]"
>   Hotplug: USB
>   Vendor: usb 0x0471 "Philips"
>   Device: usb 0x0302 "PCA645VC WebCam [pwc]"

Il device USB 0x0471:0x0302 e' supportato dal kernel (driver usb-pwc).
Per l'utilizzo ci sono molti programmi, per esempio:

al@mater:~$ apt-cache search webcam
came - Rewrite of the xawtv webcam app using imlib2
cqcam - Color QuickCam (PC/Parallel) control program
gqcam - GTK Webcam control
imgstamp - A timestamping utility for webcam images
webcam - capture and upload images
camstream - collection of tools for webcams and other video-devices
dacode - Powerful and full-featured news engine written in PHP
feh - imlib2 based image viewer
gkrellkam - GKrellM plugin that displays a periodically updating image
motion - V4L Capture Program supporting Movement Detection
vgrabbj - grabs a image from a camera and puts it in jpg/png format
webcamd - Capture images from video devices

Ovviamente Google ne conosce altri...



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