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Alle 09:21, gioved=EC 17 aprile 2003, tHEbREV ha scritto:
>                               CORRUPTED MESSAGE
> This is the Courier Mail Server 0.40 on xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
> I received the following message for delivery to your address.=20
> Unfortunately, the sender's mail software did not properly format the
> following message according to Internet mail formatting protocols,
> and I can only deliver mail which has been properly formatted
> according to Internet standards.  Instead of returning the following
> message as undeliverable, it is saved, in its original form, in the
> following attachment, which you can open with any editor or word
> processor.
> Please notify the original sender that their message was not properly
> formatted by their mail software.  The specific mail protocol error
> in the original message is as follows:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>-------- The following message contains 8-bit content, but does not
> have the required MIME headers for 8-bit data transport.
> See <URL:ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc2045.txt> for more
> information.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Scusa Claudio, ma non si pu=F2 aggiustare questa webmail?
ciao ;)

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