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From: Bill McCarthy <WJMc@pobox.com>
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Subject: Vim 6.2 has been Released
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 16:09:10 GMT
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Penso interessi a pił di qualcuno:

Bram has just released 6.2 of Vim.  The files are at ftp.vim.org
in /pub/vim.  Part of his "press release" follows:


This is a bugfix release of Vim.  Since Vim 6.1 hundreds of reported
problems have been fixed.  Also included are new and updated syntax
files, translated menus and messages.

The main new features are:
- Support for GTK 2. (Daniel Elstner)
- Support for editing Arabic text. (Nadim Shaikli & Isam Bayazidi)
- ":try" command and exception handling. (Servatius Brandt)
- Support for the neXtaw GUI toolkit (mostly like Athena). (Alexey Froloff)
- Cscope support for Win32. (Sergey Khorev)
- Support for PostScript printing in various 8-bit encodings. (Mike Williams)

Once you have installed 6.2 you can find details about the changes
since Vim 6.1 with ":help version-6.2".  There is a long list of fixed

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