[bglug] Fw: Linux v2.5.72 and a move to OSDL

Al al@bglug.it
Mar 17 Giu 2003 08:55:18 CEST

Da luglio in poi Torvalds sviluppera' linux a tempo pieno. Ecco il
messaggio che 'e passato nella LKML:

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 21:35:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@??>
To: Kernel Mailing List <linux-kernel@??>
Subject: Linux v2.5.72 and a move to OSDL

Ok, I waited too long for 2.5.71, so here's a more timely 2.5.72

It's extra timely largely because the hash list poisoning found some
problems in the RPC code, making NFS break.  Trond found and fixed the
breakage, so 2.5.72 should work fine in an NFS environment too.  Let's
see if the list poisoning shows any other dodgy list users.  Knock wood. 

Also, Arnaldo has cleaned up a lot of the networking code to use the
generic hash lists, instead of the old ad-hoc net-specific list walking
code.  That code has been tested pretty well, but please holler if you
see something. 

Changelog for other details appended.

The other big news - well, for me personally, anyway - is that I've
decided to take a leave-of-absense after 6+ years at Transmeta to
actually work full-time on the kernel. 

Transmeta has always been very good at letting me spend even an
inordinate amount of time on Linux, but as a result I've been feeling a
little guilty at just how little "real work" I got done lately.  To fix
that, I'll instead be working at OSDL, finally actually doing Linux as
my main job. 

[ I do not expect a huge amount of change as a result, testament to just
  /how/ freely Transmeta has let me do Linux work.  My email address will
  change to "torvalds@osdl.org" effective July 1st, but everybody is
  trying to make the transfer as smooth as possible, so we'll make sure
  that there will be sufficient address overlap etc to not cause any
  problems ]

OSDL and Transmeta will have a joint official (read: "boring".  You
should have seen the bio - that didn't make it - that I suggested for
myself for it ;) press-release about this tomorrow morning, but I just
wanted to say thanks to Transmeta.  It has been a special place to work
for, and hello to OSDL that I hope will be the same. 

Snif.  I'm actually all teary-eyed. 


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