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In data astrale 17:26, mercoledý 18 giugno 2003, il capitano Fernando Figaroli 
della flotta stellare scrisse:
> quale mi consigliate in base alle vostre esperienze ?

voto per courier :-)

Ciao ???
Worf: "I am not concerned with pleasure, Commander. I am a warrior."
Riker: "Even Klingons need love now and then."
Worf: "For what we would consider love, sir, I would need a Klingon woman."
Riker: "What about plain old basic sex? You must have some need for that."
Worf: "Of course, but with the females available to me, sir, Earth females, I
must restrain myself too much. They are quite fragile, sir."
Riker: "Worf, if anyone else had said that, I'd suspect he was bragging."
Worf: "Bragging, sir?"
-- "Justice", Stardate 41255.6
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