[bglug] site downloader

Al al@bglug.it
Mar 23 Mar 2004 19:35:00 CET

Cosi' scrisse Cantharsis:

> Qualcuno mi consiglia un buon software
> per copiare in locale un sito web con linux?
> qualcosa che magari abbia un po' di opzioni sulla profondita' del
> download e su cosa copiare etc etc




"At a speed of 1 Mbit/s, a maximum cable length of about 40 meters can be
used. This is because the arbitration scheme requires that the wave front
of the signal can propagate to the most remote node and back again before
the bit is sampled. In other words, the cable length is restricted by the
speed of light. A proposal to increase the speed of light has been consi-
dered but was turned down because of its inter-galactic consequences."

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