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Visto che si parlava di Ximian, o meglio del mirror che avevamo... 

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Ximian Adds Subscription

GeneJock writes "Apparently the days of free fast updates
from Ximian are gone. The latest update to the Ximian suite
replaces the old Red Carpet Manager with a newer version
which includes access to a subscription service. This
subscription service costs $9.95 a month ($7.95 for the first
two months if you signup now). You can still get the updates
for free but its slow going... looks like I'll be getting my
updates overnight. [1]Read all about it here." Can't fault a
company for trying to make some money - hope it works.

[1] <REF:http://www.ximian.com/products/ximian_red_carpet/express.html>

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