[Flug] Re: From South Africa

Leandro Noferini leandro@firenze.linux.it
Mer 6 Giu 2001 17:36:09 CEST

    David> Hi
    David> Sorry I don't speak/write Italian yet ... 

Don't  worry because I  don't speak/write  english yet  so we  are the


    David> I'll be in Tuscany soon, cooking in a "bed and breakfast" on a wine
    David> farm, if I get the job. I don't know the name of the place yet either
    David>   [:-)]

Very good for you!!!! 

    David> I'd like to meet Linux users while I'm in Tuscany. Would you be able to
    David> set a meeting up, or tell me when your LUG meetings are?
    David> Obviously I'll have to find out exactly where I'll be staying.

Very very very good! 

Subscribe yourself  to the mailing list  flug (you can  find the right
address  in http://lists.firenze.linux.it)  so we  can meet  there and
then have a meeting in person! 

    David> Thanks for your time.

Thanks to you! 

    David> Secondo altavista.com  [;-)]
    David> In Italiano:
    David> ----------

It's really better in english! 


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