[Flug] Attention

Capt. Wellington Thomas captwellington@uboot.com
Sab 24 Maggio 2003 12:45:07 CEST

 Dear Friend 

I write you this letter to solicit your help as I am a british soldier in dire need in Iraq. 

I am Wellington Thomas, a Captain in The ROYAL MARINES deployed to Iraq to help facilitate a forceful change of the Sadam Hussein Regime in Iraq. I have served in Iraq now since the beginning of the war. I was previously attached to The British Marine Base in Germany before my deployment to Iraq. 

This letter might surprise you because we have not met neither in person nor by correspondence. But I believe it is one day that you get to know somebody either in physical or through correspondence. 

I got your contact through some discreet inquiry from the chamber of commerce and industry, you and your organization were revealed as being quite astute in private entrepreneurship, one has no doubt in your ability to handle a financial business transaction. 
In the course of my stay in Iraq,I have withnessed so much looting and chaos which has ironically benefited a lot of my colleagues atleast, financially! I have not been interested in the mass looting in which my colleagues have taken part so far untill I discover it was risk free. 

That is why, I have now made up my mind to participate in sharing this goodies of war is that a lot of my military friends who have earlier taken part and successfully transfered such money out of Iraq to business associates outside Iraq are now better off,suddenly becomming millionairs overnight. I decided that I cannot afford to be left out of this great opportunity to become somebody. 

This money is part of the money that the regime of Sadam Hussein had stolen and hidden in various parts of Iraq before the war.It is now the responsibility of the U:S and British soldiers to search for it and 
recover this money. In the proccess,we are able to keep some away for ourselves. Thats how the money came about. 

My friends who did it before advised me that I just needed a contact (any contact) outside Iraq to assure me that he could handle such an amount of money,after which I would send it through for safe-keeping. I have in my posession presently,the sum of $30m.I only need you,to guarantte me that I can still get this money back,if it is remitted to you. I only need a person I can trust to safeguard this money since It is not possible to do it myself,and we have only a very limited time to be here. All the arrangement to transfer it to you shall be made by me.Your only part is to receive and safeguard it and 20% shall be yours for your assistance. 

For your role in this business,I wish to compensate you handsomely.I must only not forget to tell you that secrecy in this business is very important to both parties. It could put us in serious danger if this 
information is leaked to a third party!It is therefore a matter of great importance to keep this secret strictly between us even after the successful conclussion of this transaction. I did not include my phone contact because any other contact is not private. This e-mail is the only private contact I have here in Iraq. 

I implore you to consider this proposal as urgently as possible and give me a feedback. If you are in favour of my proposal, please, do include your PRIVATE contact information - phone, fax, e-mail  to facilitate a more effective communication. 

I wish you the best as I await your reply. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Capt. Wellington Thomas 


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