[Flug] Re: [Tech] Re[2]: our private photos bhabeeee

Umberto Genovese umbegen@tin.it
Mar 4 Nov 2003 09:27:45 CET

Il mercoledý, 05 novembre, 2003 at 08:48:52 +0100, james@firenze.linux.it Scrisse: 
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>   Content preview:  Hello Dear!, Finally i've found possibility to right u,
>     my lovely girl :) All our photos which i've made at the beach (even
>     when u're without ur bh:)) photos are great! This evening i'll come and
>     we'll make the best SEX :) [...] 
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Cos'Ŕ, adesso si iscrivono alle liste per spammare?
A che serve allora chiuderle?

     Ciao Umberto
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