[Flug] fellow geek in florence

Marek F. mafmaf@gmail.com
Ven 21 Gen 2005 22:00:29 CET


I'm sorry for posting it here but it's not totally off-topic. I'll try
to put it short:

I'm a Linux afficionado, a fresh computer science graduate from Warsaw
University, Poland, working as a freelance software developer of
multiplayer online games, and now going to stay in Florence, Italy,
for about 3 months. I'm looking for  accommodation which would IDEALLY
be a room in a house or an apartment shared with fellow Linux
afficionados or just science-inclined people (read: geeks).

Any help in that matter would be appreciated. 
Please direct your replies to my email mafmaf@gmail.com as I don't
read this mailing list on a regular basis.


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