[Flug] [Fwd: On the State of Linux File Systems]

Christian Surchi christian@firenze.linux.it
Lun 1 Dic 2008 16:26:25 CET

Accontentiamoci di questo nell'attesa che Francesco tenga la famosa
serata dedicata ai filesystem! ;)

On the State of Linux File Systems

   [1]kev009 writes to recommend his editorial overbiew of the [2]past,
   present and future of Linux file systems: ext2, ext3, ReiserFS, XFS,
   JFS, Reiser4, ext4, Btrfs, and Tux3. "In hindsight it seems somewhat
   tragic that JFS or even XFS didn't gain the traction that ext3 did to
   pull us through the 'classic' era, but ext3 has proven very reliable
   and has received consistent care and feeding to keep it performing
   decently. ... With ext4 coming out in kernel 2.6.28, we should have a
   nice holdover until Btrfs or Tux3 begin to stabilize. The Btrfs
   developers have been working on a development sprint and it is likely
   that the code will be merged into Linus's kernel within the next cycle
   or two."


[1] <REF:http://www.kev009.com/>
[2] <REF:http://www.kev009.com/wp/2008/11/on-file-systems/>

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