[FoLUG]Link simbolici nel ramo ftp

Stefano Giunchi folug@lists.linux.it
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 22:10:20 +0100

> Avevo già controllato in quell'url. Purtroppo la direttiva che indica
> c'è. Il problema è che non mostra i link simbolici sono agli utenti
> anonimi...

Immagino volessi dire "... link simbolici solo agli utenti anonimi...".

Ho trovato una risposta su google, che ho messo in coda.
A quanto pare proftpd funziona in ambiente chroot, quindi non può
accedere all'esterno. Però, se con gli utenti autenticati funziona,
questa teoria va a farsi friggere...


Da:David Efflandt (see-sig@from.invalid)
Soggetto:Re: Adding a directory outside the DefaultRoot in proftpd.
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Data:2001-05-17 20:13:51 PST

On Thu, 17 May 2001 02:39:12 GMT, -=DCOG=- <dcgamers@home.com> wrote:
> In Proftpd, if I chose /var/ftp to be my ftp servers default root
would it
> be possible to add a directory online that's  located in a directory
> the default root (ie: /home)
> If so how would you do it?

For chroot anonymous ftp you cannot symlink outside of the ftp dir since
those paths will not exist in the chroot environment.  But you can have
hard links to files (which do not work for directories).  You can mount
partition within the ftp tree (I have done that with cdrom), but I don't
think your user's would want their whole home dir accessible to everyone
by anonymous ftp.

It would be better to simply have a directory for each user that they
put files into that they want accessible to others.  A shell account I
on does this.  They have a program on the system (mkftpdir?) that a user
can run to make a dir with their username and ownership in the ftp tree.