Fwd: Re: [FoLUG] Sun Java Desktop

Enrico Placci enrico.placci@tiscali.it
Gio 15 Gen 2004 00:02:31 CET

Wow, l'hanno giÓ venduto!
(perdonatemi l'asp :-)

At the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas last month, Sun's chief
executive, Scott McNealy, revealed that Sun had signed a deal under
which the China Standard Software Company (CSSC), which is a
consortium of companies supported by the Chinese government, will
use the Java Desktop System.

"We're going to immediately roll out the Java Desktop System to
between a half million and a million desktops in 2004," McNealy
said. "It makes us instantaneously the No. 1 Linux desktop player
  on the planet."


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