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From: FFII <feedback@ffii.org>
To: i.f-ml10@darthxiong.net
Subject: EU Council session on Monday
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 06:21:51 +0100

Dear FFII supporter [1],

Again we ask for your support.

The EU Council of Minister's attempt to pass the 
Software Patent Directive without vote seems to 
have been scuppered again, even if the A-item is 
still on the agenda[2]. Now is the time to ask
that your government supports the demands by Denmark
and Poland for renegotiations in the Council and 
that it resists last minute blackmail 

Please inform us about your participation in
actions by answering this email via reply.

[ ] I send a fax to my minister of economics or 
    my representatives at the Commission according to

[ ] I also will enquire on the phone and report 
    results to consilium-help (at) ffii.org.

[ ] I participate in the webdemo campaign
    "Please support Denmark!" http://demo.ffii.org/cons0503/ and
    "Thank Denmark!" http://www.thankdenmark.info/.

With kind regards,

Holger Blasum, FFII

[1] Your id in http://aktiv.ffii.org: XXXXXXXX
[2] Software patent news http://wiki.ffii.org/SwpatcninoEn
    Danish Parliament obliges Minister to renegotiate software 
    patents in Council http://wiki.ffii.org/Dkparl050304En
    Agenda document http://ue.eu.int/cms3_applications/Applications/newsRoom/LoadDocument.asp?directory=fr/intm/&filename=83997.pdf
[3] the Commission can withdraw the directive, and they have
    a record of using this as a means of pressure before, see
    Philips has asked for this, and patent officials in the Council
    tend to like the idea.

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