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Subject: Linux CE in Giappone
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 17:56:31 +0000
From: Giovanni Chiola <chiola@disi.unige.it>
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>           ACM TechNews; Friday, January 24, 2003
> ...
> "Japanese Manufacturers Back Off Proprietary OSes"
> EE Times (01/23/03); Yoshida, Junko
> At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Sony and Matsushita
> Electric Industrial separately announced that they will stop
> investing in their proprietary operating systems (OSes) and
> instead embrace open-source by joining forces to develop a
> consumer electronics version of Linux.  "We just can't keep on
> developing different software for every new product," said
> Matsushita CTO Paul Liao.  Sony COO Kunitake Ando declared that
> Samsung, Philips Semiconductors, LG Electronics, and other CE
> manufacturers will add their support to the Linux CE OS
> initiative.  Support for industry-wide alliances to develop
> projects such as HAVi or the Java TV application programming
> interface have also eroded.  Thus ends a vision many Japanese
> companies had of building a proprietary OS that would influence
> the direction of next-generation digital consumer electronics.
> Leon Husson of Philips commented that "an open platform" provided
> by a real-time OS is basically the only real option CE makers
> have.  "As a [consumer] system becomes more complex, functions
> are converging, and boundaries of existing boxes are blurring,"
> he noted.  One obstacle to Sony and Matsushita's effort to
> develop a CE version of Linux is the difficulty in getting
> thousands of software engineers to rally behind one platform.
> http://www.eetonline.com/sys/news/OEG20030123S0034

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