[gl-como] Re: Keeping contact information up-to-date

redshadowhack@gmail.com redshadowhack@gmail.com
Lun 24 Apr 2006 14:41:22 CEST

..m sa ke c'hai qlk virus..?
o no?

Alle 12:48, sabato 22 aprile 2006, zerfeotn@bluewin.ch ha scritto:
> I want to tell you about this new service called Windows Live(TM) Contacts
> beta. It's like an address book that updates itself. So whenever you change
> your e-mail address or phone number, I'll automatically see all the changes
> in my address book. Much easier than sending out a mass mailing to everyone
> you know. And the nice thing is you can still control access to your info -
> you get to choose who knows about you.
> Here are some links if you want to try this service or want to know more
> about it:
> See my MSN Space
> http://spaces.msn.com/Abraxas90
> Subscribe to my contact updates and share yours
> http://spaces.msn.com/profile.aspx?action=makeactive&mode=activecontacts&ci
>d=-3768915316013384891 Learn more
> http://spaces.msn.com/profile.aspx?action=learnmore&mode=activecontacts


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