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come potete leggere qui sotto, hanno stampato una tazza di
OpenStreetMap: ovviamente si sta parlando di fare un acquisto
comunitario nord italiano e se si raggiungono le dieci tazze il prezzo
dovrebbe essere di circa 10 euro a testa

chi e` interessato?

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   a German company specialising in Open Source paraphernalia has
produced an OpenStreetMap "cheat mug" in the tradition of the popular
"vi mug" that you can see on many geek desks.

The mug boasts 179 of the most important OSM tags (plus a somewhat fake
"amenity=mug, access=private") and is dishwasher safe. Here is a picture:


Here are two happy customers:


and here's the full design (spoiler warning):


I don't earn anything from the mug sales, but FOSSGIS e.V. (the soon to
be German OSMF chapter...) does: Each mug costs 7.50 EUR to the end
user, and 1.30 EUR of each sale go to FOSSGIS.

They do international sales and shipping (you can order the mug online
here: http://shop.kernelconcepts.de/product_info.php?products_id=112)
but shipping individual mugs is prohibitively expensive. If there is
interest in the international community then it would probably be best
if people would pool orders. Their online shop is a bit quirky if you
use the English interface - contact me offlist if there is a problem and
I'll check with them.


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