[gl-como] Simulare connessioni su joomla

Incubus theincubus@gmail.com
Lun 1 Mar 2010 17:02:50 CET

2010/3/1 Carlo Filippetto <carlo.target@tiscali.it>:
> [root@site-test installate]# siege -c1000 -t10M http://test-site.it/
> FATAL: unable to allocate memory for 1000 simulated browser: Cannot
> allocate memory

Breve aggiunta: una veloce ricerca su google ha condotto a questi due link:
Il problema pare simile al tuo ed il secondo link consiglia:
If you want to measure your code under load that reflects your site's
traffic, then you should schedule concurrent users based on current
traffic. An access log analyzer like webalizer (free) or WebTrends
(expensive) can help you determine that load. If your site peaks at
100 hits every five seconds, then use these parameters to invoke
siege: -c100 -d5. For 50 hits a second you would run it like this:
-c50 -d1. We've had people ask about configurations like -c1000 -d1. A
single pre-forking apache server cannot handle such load without
modification. It has a hardcoded limit of 256.

Fai sapere come procede che ora sono curioso :-P


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