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vah che forse e` la volta buona?

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A quanto leggo dalla mail di Andy, sembra che un test del bot di cambio
licenza effettuato sull'irlanda sia andato a buon fine. Questo significa
che il momento del passaggio ad odbl si avvicina.

Se qualcuno vuole, ci sono piccoli test che potete aiutare ad effettuare,
non serve installare nulla, ma solo visitare pagine web.


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On 4 July 2012 10:39, Andy Allan <gravitystorm@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm currently importing a

whole-Ireland area to test, and with a load time of 24 hours and

counting, it's likely to be the last and largest area to test before

going live.

We needed to rework the importing script, since otherwise it would
take forever. Testing on the Ireland extract started earlier today,
and has been running successfully. After a bit of a rethink we've
figured out how to speed up the running of the bot, and processed the
rest this evening.

It looks like it's working!

You can help, by looking for an errors in the results. Take a look at
the edits by the bot


Do they make sense? Are they right? There's also redactions on
already-deleted objects, so not everything shows up within the
changesets (which are only needed when we need to fix the current

The bot outputs profuse logs, which you can see at


You can pick stuff out of the logs, and compare with the actual data, e.g.


Let me know if you spot any problems!


P.S. Deleted nodes still have their old coordinates. That's a known
issue, see separate thread.

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