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lo so, fare un forward di un forward e` brutto, ma c'e` 
finalmente un piano per il cambio di licenza di aprile

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ecco una prima versione del piano di switch alla ODBL, previsto per la
prossima settimana.

da leggere, impattera' la possibilitÓ di fare editing al DB.

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Dear rebuilders,

The rebuild plan...


Has been extensively updated based on a lot of useful input from Matt.
Highlights of the update:

* A "Help Needed" section - read it and consider offering your services

* More details on interdependencies of tasks (kept as lightweight as possible)

* A summary of the go-live impact of each task

* Scheduling information against which we can measure progress

* Tasks broken out further, most notably to reflect the fact that it
is now anticipated to apply a period of read-only API (to speed up the
overall process)

* Inclusion of a "Risks" section

Once again, your help would be very much appreciated,

IgaŘhel on siin oma laul
ja ma oma ei leiagi Řles

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