[gl-como] Fwd: DebConf20 is upon us: How to attend, Lightning Talks, Impress Improv, and Cheese and Wine at home

Elena ``of Valhalla'' valhalla-l@trueelena.org
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Per chi vuole partecipare alla Debconf, qui ci sono le istruzioni (in
realtÓ per chi vuole solo guardare i talk Ŕ semplice: aprire la pagina
della conferenza, cliccare sul link dello streaming :) )

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# How to attend DebConf20 Online

Two days before the conference, the home page will start displaying a link to
the streaming page. Attendees will be able watch from there. That same page
will provide links to an etherpad with shared notes for each talk, and can be
used for example to record questions. Q&A will happen on the same live stream,
assuming there is time left after the speaker is done with the main
presentation (whether pre-recorded or live).

Speakers will have a private link for a Jitsi room, which only they will join.
The link is available in your talk page (readily available from your profile
page once you log in). This room will be streamed to attendees. Active
participants of BoF Sessions should join the Jitsi room, and must get the room
link from the BoF organizers ("speakers") or from the DebConf team.

If you are speaking or joining a BoF, please make sure you use a headset or
headphones plus an external microphone (i.e. don't rely on an internal laptop
mic), and make sure the lighting in the room makes it possible to see you
clearly. A large part of the  video team recording advice also applies to live
content; please review it if you haven't yet:


# Lightning Talks, Impress Improv sessions, and Cheese & Wine at Home

There are still spaces available for the Lightning Talks and Impress Improv
sessions. The process for participating in these is as follows:

- For Lightning Talks, we primarily need the video, with the slides
  being optional.

- For Impress Improv, the first thing we need is the slides, so that we
  can assign them to another participant. After that, we will need the
  video as soon as possible.

- In both cases, please contact Team Lightning on
  <islightningreal@debconf.org> for the upload link.

Contributions are also very much welcome and encouraged for the Cheese
and Wine event.  Here, we're inviting short videos of up to 30 seconds'
length, showing and introducing an item you might have brought to an
in-person Cheese and Wine event.  This is not limited to either cheese
or wine, and local specialities are especially welcome!  Please contact
Team Lightning (see above) with the name of your item and where it comes
from, and we will send you the upload link.

See the original announcement for more information:


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