[Golem] Sondaggio di Linuxzone - lungo e macchinoso :-(

Hal hal@linux.it
Sab 15 Feb 2003 15:21:43 CET

Sulla mailing list dei lug italiani e' passato questo

Se qualcuno vuole esercitare il suo inglese puo' provare a 
rispondere. Non a tutto, ma dicendo qualcosa del GOLEM.


sabato 15 febbraio 2003, lug-request@lists.linux.it ha scritto:
>    1. [sondaggio] sondaggio... (Lindo Nepi)

> Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:49:45 +0100 (CET)
> From: Lindo Nepi <ascoli@ascu.unian.it>
> To: lug@lists.linux.it
> Subject: [LUG] [sondaggio] sondaggio...
> Ci hanno proposto di partecipare a questo sondaggio...
> AGX proponeva di mandare a lui le vostre risposte
> (agx@linux.it) poi ci pensa lui
> a mandare tutto a quelli di Linuxzone
> ---
> From: P-A-N-D-O-R <pandor@linuxzone.cz>
> Hello,
> I am about to write a serie of articles focusing on a Linux
> position in a various countries to be published at
> http://www.linuxzone.cz
> Do you think, it would be possible to provide me information
> regarding to a set of prepared questions?
> I mean, education, private companies, homes, favourite
> distributions, government,
> the most known projects originating country, some fresh
> information including the forecast for the near future,
> description of LUGs....
> Milan Gigel - Independent Linux Writer
> So here comes a set of questions regarding to your country.
> Thanks a lot in advance for your kindly help. The answers
> will be used to form agregate article focusing this field. An
> additional questions may follow. The total length of the
> final article will fit from 8 to 15kb. So please include some
> detailed information.
> 1. What was the starting stage of raising popularity of Linux
> in your country? When the process started and how was it
> like?
> 2. What are the opportunities of supporting Linux users? I
> mean if there are any active LUGs - what is its main role,
> interesting Linux portals, any seminars, cons, active mailing
> lists or so. Is it possible to hear some news focusing on
> Linux on a TV or radio broadcast? What about newbies and
> starters, is there enough place to support them too?
> 3. What is the position of Linux in the education process and
> in the academic field? If you compare it to a Microsoft
> position in education system, are there any changes last time
> leading to a raise of knowledge regarding to Linux?
> 4. What about linux in companies in the position of the base
> backend? Is it commonly used just for the access to an
> internet, or is it commonly used also in a position of
> fileservers, application servers and so?
> 5. What is the situation like on the desktop field? Is Linux
> used here just among the Linux fans, or is it possible to see
> some extensive implementations? If possible some examples
> naming ompanies using it?
> 6. What about usage of linux on a government fied? Is it
> already implemented here, or is this only idea of the far
> future. Are there running any research projects focusing to
> this field?
> 7. As for the commercial applications focusing on a
> production field and accounting. Are there any accessible
> products fitting needs of your country? Are there any
> commercial companies developing applications targeting Linux
> field?
> 8. What about localisation field of Linux? Are there any
> running projects bringing users possibility to use linux
> using their native language?
> 9. Which distributions are the most popular in your country
> on the server and on the desktop field? Can you name some
> which raised in your country?
> 10. How many Linux users are expected in a percent amount to
> reside your country? What are their experience levels like?
> 11. I hope there is a lot of specialists and developers in
> your country. Can you name some of them with a short
> description of their projects and focus?
> 12. What about upcomming changes on the Linux field in your
> country? Will the situation switch to a better state in the
> near future? Which fields will it impact?
> 13. Is there active approach to an expansion of linux on all
> the fields in your country? What about any running projects?
> 14. As for the internet connections. Is the global
> infrastructure wee designed? Wheach means of data transpor
> are commonly used in the users homes? dialup, isdn, commuted
> line, wifi....?
> 15. Any specialities regarding to linux and linux users in
> your country?
> 16. Anything else to add here from your point of view? We
> want to introduce your country from the Linux side.
> -----------------------[Impossible]---
> Milan Gigel
> Contact Manager / Writer
> Impossible, s.r.o.
> www.impossible.cz
> Do you know www.linuxzone.cz?
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