[Golem] Adoption of Open Source Software in Libraries: Perceptions of LIS Community

annalisaserafini@libero.it annalisaserafini@libero.it
Sab 25 Ago 2007 15:13:29 CEST

Hola a todos !

Vi giro dalla ML internazionale dei bibliotecari (IFLA.org)
un questionario redatto da un ricercatore pakistano su Open Source in uso nelle biblioteche del mondo e la percezione che ne hanno utenti/bibliotecari.
Magari a qualcuno puo' interessare per le domande che pone.

Spero di essere stata utile.
Buona giornata,

Dear LIS professionals

Good Morning

I am
conducting a research on the perceptions of LIS professionals about Adoption of
Open Source Software in Libraries. The questionnaire is available at <http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=KMBnaoJI4L3efHVopXqZJw_3d_3d>

The questionnaire will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete. You are
requested to please spare your time and record your response.   
If you feel
any problem to get the questionnaire, please email me. I will be highly thankful.
Thanking you
in anticipation for your cooperation and to support the research activities.

Best Regards.
Muhammad Rafiq
PhD Student
Department of Library & Information Science,
University of the Punjab, Lahore (Pakistan)

Cell: +92-321-7836131

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