[Golem] computer per il pakistan [ in inglese ]

Tariq tariq@pakban.net
Lun 2 Lug 2007 11:51:46 CEST


I think the main problem here is communication, I do not know 
Italian and if I write in English then either:

1. There is no reply at all.
2. If there is any reply then no answers to the question.

I am subscribed to the list and follow little bit through 
Bablefish translation. I am copying the translation [ at the 
bottom of this message ] I am reading now some one who knows 
English and Italian can tell how accurate that is.

What I need is the translation of all posts in May and June under 
this thread:  Re: [Golem] computer per il pakistan

If I can read and understand what you are understanding then I 
can help.

Just for record I made several calls, sent email but never 
received any email / phone call in return. Only once on 23 April 
I was able to speak with Father Aldino in evening.

Please try to understand we are a LUG like you, we are volunteers 
not a business. If any one need help then least they could do is 
provide the very basic information. Okara is not some far off 
place, we have members there, we have members who can take a day 
trip from other cities and visit the place and see what needs to 
be done.

As far I can see NO ONE needs / want us to provide any help.

I am sorry if my reply seems to be harsh [ it is ] but fact 
remains we help only those who ask for help or let us help them.

I am posting this in English and will appreciate if reply [ if 
any ] is posted in English.

Thanking you,




Translation by Bablefish:

.. with the aid of Annalisa I had written to all the Lug of 
Pakistan, obtaining also of the answers. There are problems of 
distances, however something could be made. I have said to P. 
Aldino of ricontattarli in order seeing if they can dargli one 
hand. If you can dargli a name and an address email of that a 
good step knows gi com' the second situation ahead me. Much best 
of mine link generic. In any case if they say the problems to me 
in the specific one I see of giving one hand to they in the 
limits of mine capacit. If there are complex problems test to 
send them in Hack list: we collect po' ideas and then you 

On Monday 02 July 2007 02:42 pm, Hal wrote:
>  ...con l'aiuto di Annalisa avevo scritto a tutti i Lug del
> Pakistan,
> > ottenendo anche delle risposte. Ci sono problemi di
> > distanze, comunque qualcosa si potrebbe fare. Ho detto a P.
> > Aldino di ricontattarli per vedere se possono dargli una
> > mano.
> Se puoi dargli un nome e un indirizzo email di qualcuno che sa
> giÓ com'Ŕ la situazione secondo me Ŕ un buon passo avanti.
> Molto meglio dei miei link generici.
> > In ogni caso se mi dicono i problemi nello specifico vedo di
> > dare loro una mano nei limiti delle mie capacitÓ.
> Se ci sono problemi complessi prova a mandarli in lista Hack:
> raccogliamo un po' le idee e poi rispondi.

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