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Subject: DRM ACTION: Target 7,500 - Sign the Jobs Letter Tell Friends
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                                                        DRM ACTION ALERT



Dear Dario,

Last week we launched an open letter to Steve Jobs asking him to take
action and demonstrate that his February 7th pledge to drop DRM was not
just a way of deflecting criticism of Apple and disavowing his company's
role in the spread of DRM. We offered 3 concrete steps he could take and
we asked you and others to join with us and send a message to him. In
the first few hours over 1000 of you signed, and week later we have
nearly 5000 signers. 

We'll be delivering the open letter to Steve Jobs at the end of the
month and the more names signed to it, the better. Help us hit 7500. 

      * Sign the letter if you have not already
      * Email your friends and family and ask them to sign
      * Blog about the letter (on your blog, your MySpace, Friendster,
        Tribe, FaceBook or Zaadz profile, or submit it to your favorite
        social news or bookmarking site (Reddit, Del.icio.us,
        BlueDot.us, Magnolia).

Together we will send a strong message to Steve Jobs and Apple that
music lovers and technologists don't want DRM and expect that he take a
leading role in abolishing it!

In Solidarity,

Gregory, Peter, Henri and the DRM Elimination Crew

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