[Gpm] serial to PS/2 translation

Alessandro Rubini rubini@linux.it
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 10:07:31 +0100

>> Can somebody tell me somewhat about such qestion:
>> can GPM translate serial mouse protocol (Microsoft, i.e. gpm -t ms) to
>> PS/2 protocol? And if it can, how to do this?

The repeater is using, by default, msc protocol (serial, 3 buttons).
There is, however, support for repeating to a different protocol;
currently only msc and summa are supported as output protocols.

However, you can easily add a ps2 repeater by writing R_ps2 in mice.c
and following the path of R_msc. It's easy, granted.

I suspect you are running a proprietary X server. Now, *this* is the problem :)