[Gpm] Re: toshiba tecra mouse question

Andrew Pimlott gpm@lists.prosa.it
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 00:12:23 -0500

Following up on my mail of a month ago about my difficulties with
the pointer on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop:

I discovered finally that it does work as a "normal" PS/2
IntelliMouse (imps2 driver), with the two "extra" buttons acting
like the wheel (hold one down for repeated events).  However, it is
very picky about initialization.  On boot, it starts out as a
straight PS/2 mouse, working with the ps2 driver.  At this point,
starting gpm with type imps2 usually results in erratic behavior
(ie, the mouse is sending PS/2 packets which gpm misinterprets).
But occasionally, everything works.  On the most recent boot, it
took four restarts of gpm; the time before, over ten.  The first
time it ever worked in Linux, I had just rebooted from Windows
(where of course all buttons work), so that may have something to do
with it.  After I get it working once, it remains solid until the
next reboot, even if I restart gpm or stop gpm and start X in IMPS2

So, has anyone heard of imps2 mice that need extra coaxing on
initialization?  What could cause the seemingly non-deterministic
behavior?  Is there a free source for the protocol specification?