[Gpm] 3-button PS/2 mice with serial adapters do not work with gpm

Christian Gennerat christian.gennerat@vz.cit.alcatel.fr
Wed, 03 Jan 2001 15:38:03 +0100

Francois-Rene Rideau a écrit :

> Dear GPM maintainers,
>   it looks like three button PS/2 mice with serial adapters do not work
> correctly with either gpm or X.
> The mice are fully functional under Linux when on a PS/2 port,
> you can get them to work as two-button on COM1 port with
>         gpm -t ms -b 1200 -m /dev/ttyS0
> but there is no way to get the middle button working this way.
> -o rts has no effect, -o dtr stops the mouse from working
> (or maybe it will work with different baud rate?)
> I've tested this phenomenon with several PS/2 mice, adapters and computers.
> It's an annoyance when using a modern mouse on an old computer without
> ps/2 port.

I tested it with gpm- and a Logitech 'Marble' with Din9 adapter
it works with gpm -t ms -b 1200 -m /dev/ttyS0, or only gpm -t ms -m /dev/ttyS0
(you can test it with gpm-root, click with Ctrl key down, you have 3 menus)