[gpm]gpm causing keyboard hangs?

John Galbrit jgalbrit@yahoo.co.uk
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:38:07 +0000 (GMT)

MB: Asus A7m266

Mouses tried (all PS/2): Logitech cordless wheel mouse (generic)
    Microsoft Intellimouse 1.2A
    Various Microsoft Wheel Mice

Keyboards tried: Logitech cordless (combo'ed w/Log. mouse)
    NEC 104 key
    Generic 104 key

Binary - GPM-1.19.3 Redhat version
Built from source: GPM-1.19.6,1.20.rc1, 1.20.1

Binary - Xfree (whatever Redhat 8.0 bundles)
Built from source: xfree 4.2.0, xfree 4.2.1

Protocols used: imps2, exps2, ps2 (plain ps2 doesn't work at all)

OS: RH 7.2, RH 8.0, LinuxFromScratch

Kernels: RH 2.4.8-?, RH 2.4.18-?, 2.4.18, 2.4.19, 2.4.20

Error message: keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?(f4)

Problems: When booting (into console) gpm works fine (imps, exps2
only). If I startx, mouse works fine (IMPS/2 only). When I exit X, the
keyboard usually (90%) goes haywire with above error message. Any key
combinations I tried give unrecognized scancodes. If I move the mouse
even the slightest bit, or hit a mouse button, then the keyboard and
mouse totally freezes. I can't currently ssh to see what's up and the X
log has been unfruitful. Also, if I don't start X, everything is fine
unless I stop, then restart gpm. Same thing happens. I'm not running in
repeater mode. Just a simple gpm -m /dev/psaux -t {imps,exps}. I have
tried Mouseman and some other protocols, but they don't work.

Any ideas where to go from here?

John Galbrit

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