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Donald Malani domalani@netscape.net
Thu Jul 3 17:35:51 CEST 2003

Donald Malani,


You may be surprised to receive this message from me since you don't know me in person but for the purpose Of introduction, I am Mr. Donald Malani, the son of late Mr. Jamie Malani, who was recently murdered in a land dispute in ZIMBABWE. My late father was among the few black Zimbabwean rich farmers murdered in cold blood by the agent of the ruling government of President ROBERT MUGABE for his alleged support and Sympathy for Zimbabwean opposition party. Before the death of my father, he took me to South Africa to deposit the sum of fifteen million two Hundred thousand US Dollars ($15.2m) with a security and finance company, as if he knew the looming danger In Zimbabwe. The money was deposited as gem or precious stone to avoid much demurrage from the Security firm. This money was earmarked for the purchase of new machinery and chemicals for our farms and the establishment of new farms in Lesotho and Swaziland. This land problem arose when President R. MUGABE introduced a new land act which wholly affects the White rich farmers and some few blacks vehemently condemned the 'MODUS OPERANDI' adopted by the Government. This resulted to rampant killing and mob actions. I and my family who are currently staying in Holland as refugees' asylum seekers and we have moved the money through a contact at a security company here in Holland with a branch in South Africa. I am faced with the dilemma of collecting this money from the security company by ourselves because we are refugees and also, we do not want the money to be traced to us. We need you to come up as the beneficiary and next of kin to this money so that you can help us receive the money from the security company for us all. If you agree, we shall use some document and paper work (Deed of Assignment) to put you as the next of kin and beneficiary. I must let you know that this business is 100% risk Free, timely and the nature of your business does not necessarily matter. So if you are willing to assist us, I and my family have agreed to give you 25% of the Total money, while 70% will be for I and my family which we shall also invest in your Country with your advice and the remaining 5% will be mapped out for any incidental expenses which we may incur during the transaction. Therefore, if you are willing and interested to render the needed assistance, endeavour to reply through this my Email address.Remember that this is highly confidential and the Success of this business depends on how secret it is kept. Please where you are not interested; do not discuss this matter with any body. I shall bring you into a more detailed picture of this transaction when you reply me.

Best Regards,

Donald Malani.  

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