[gpm] Alps working

Andrea Dieni andrea.dieni@tin.it
Thu, 8 May 2003 19:30:39 +0200

> Raise the standard_speed_factor futher.
Changed in gpm-alps.conf and now the cursor movement is ok
> > 4 when the finger reaches an edge the cursor stop (can't it keep on
> > moving? this can be useful for dragging)
> Enable edge_motion_enabled or edge_motion_on_hold_enabled.
edge_motion_enabled is enabled.
I've found that if I move a little my finger when it reach the edge the edge 
motion works. Ex: when I reach the right edge i move the finger up and down 
with very little movements the cursor keep on moving.

I did some more testing and that's what I got:
when working in console the right button doesn't work, but sometimes tapping 
on the bottom right corner acts like right button. Fixed assigning No_Action 
in alps.c to all the corners. Now the buttons seems to work perfectly in 
console and X.

I tried horizontal scrolling and when the cursor is in a window with the 
horizontal scroll bar enabled if move my finger on the top edge (cause the 
pad is upside down) I got no scrolling but (I think this is good) I got no 
cursor movement.
Maybe I didn't configure X properly to manage the horizontal scrolling.
I hope so......Now that the vert scrolling works I'd like to have the 
horizontal scrolling too!