[gpm] synaptic touchpad and stick!

Erik Bågfors erik@bagfors.nu
Fri Nov 7 14:19:43 CET 2003

Hi, I sent this mail to the list before but I think it got stuck at the
moderator since I wasn't on the list.  Now I am, so I'm resending this

I just got myself a new IBM thinkpad R40 and am very happy to see that
you got support for the synaptic touchpad that I have.  Everything with
the touchpad works great.

My only problem is that this laptop also has a "stick" (or whatever they
are called in enlish) and this works great if I don't use the synaptic
driver. When I use the synaptic driver the driver sometimes thinks that
I let go of the mouse buttons when I don't.

For example, when I use the stick to drag and drop it thinks that I let
go of the mouse buttons in the middle of the drag and drops whatever I'm
dragging. Hope that makes sence. 

Has anyone else seen this? Is there anything I can do to help debug this

Thanks for a great piece of software.


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