[gpm] use gpm and X at same time (a request, not a support question)

Mátó Péter atya@andrews.hu
Sat Nov 29 17:10:59 CET 2003

Before all: This is not a support question.

I have been using the gpm and the X (with mouse of course) since 1996. I
use the simplest way to do this: I have created a link to the mouse
device and I use it from gpm and X, too. This is simple and it works.

Some people ask me from time to time, how they can use the mouse with
gpm and X at same time. They wrote, they tried to use the gpmdata as
mouse device with X, but it did not work well.

I have read the manual of gpm but it does not mention that one can use
the simple method which I described above. Could you please
put the next sentence to the "-R" part of the manual or to the
FAQ at your earliest convenience:

"Note: Most of the cases you need not use the repeater. Just create a
       link to the mouse device and use it from gpm and X, too. Normally
       it should work."

thanks, and bye

	a pleased user :)

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