[gpm]mouse strange behaviour with ps2/imps2 protocols

Roberto De Leo deleo@vaxca1.unica.it
Fri Sep 12 01:27:27 CEST 2003

I am the mantainer of the movix project (movix.sf.net).

I'm experiencing in these days a really strange behaviour of my mouse (a 
cordless logitech mouse): until a few weeks ago in my MoviX2 distro I was 
using the 'ps2' and I'm sure my mouse worked perfectly fine with it, but 
then it started "requiring" the use of 'imps2'.
I first thougth I had changed some library or the gpm binary, but then it 
turned out it has nothing to do with sw because even the old copies of 
MoviX2 do not work anymore with my mouse!
How can it be that a mouse that worked for several months with a protocol 
now needs a different one?

Any hint would be gratly appreciated,

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