[gpm] [patch] fix parallel building

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Wed May 4 04:01:45 CEST 2005

if you try to build with `make -j` it'll break for two reasons ...

(1) the toplevel makefile's all target depends on 'dep' and 'do-all' ... if 
you build this in parallel on a fast machine, 'do-all' will start executing 
before 'dep' has finished processing, causing the build to fail.  here's the 
small fix for that (i indented the 'done' to match the rest of the shell 

--- Makefile.in
+++ Makefile.in
@@ -25,3 +25,3 @@
-all: dep do-all
+all: do-all
@@ -61,3 +61,3 @@
 # do-all goes to all subdirectories and does all
+do-%: dep
        @target=`echo $@ | $(SED) -e 's/^do-//'`; \
@@ -69,3 +69,3 @@
                fi; \
+       done

(2) the doc subdir's all target depends on $(MANPAGES).  the $(MANPAGES) rule 
executes a for loop on all the $(MANPAGES).  the problem is that make will 
fork 5 children (1 per manpge) and try to execute the $(MANPAGES) target and 
each child will stomp the work of the others.  the fix is to put all the 
manpages under one target ('gpm.man') and have all depend on that instead of 
$(MANPAGES).  also, i moved the 'all' to the top so that way it's the default 
target when you run just `make`.

--- doc/Makefile.in
+++ doc/Makefile.in
@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@
 MANPAGES = gpm.8 mev.1 gpm-root.1 gpm-types.7 mouse-test.1
+all: $(srcdir)/gpm.info gpm.man
 # HTML (texi2html)
 %.html: %.texinfo
    if [ $(TEXI2HTML) != "no" ]; then $(TEXI2HTML) $< ;fi
@@ -55,13 +57,13 @@
    $(AWK) -f $(srcdir)/mktxt $< > $@
 # MAN (-)
-$(MANPAGES): doc.gpm $(srcdir)/manpager
+gpm.man: doc.gpm $(srcdir)/manpager
    $(AWK) -f $(srcdir)/manpager doc.gpm
    for i in gpm-root.1 gpm-types.7 gpm.8 mev.1 mouse-test.1; do \
        expand $$i | sed s/^'[ ]*'//g > $$i.new; \
        mv $$i.new $$i; \
+   touch gpm.man
 # DVI 
 # This rule is somewhat a rewrite of texi2dvi. I like make more than sh :-)
@@ -97,8 +99,6 @@
 # Main portion
-all: $(srcdir)/gpm.info $(MANPAGES)
 # why gpmdoc.ps and gpm.ps??
 # there is no gpm.ps in my tree and no rule to generate gpm.ps.
 gpmdoc.ps: gpm.ps


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