[gpm] Failed gpm connect attempt by uid XXXX

Nico Schottelius nico-gpm@schottelius.org
Tue Feb 12 16:01:42 CET 2008

Well, it looks like another small problem in current gpm...

The problem is that I screwed up current gpm in git and
I do not have much time currently.

But as their seem to be more people around there using
gpm und its patches I am gonna publish a 1.20.1-bugfix release,
which only includes bugfixes.

But the bugfix you describe is already included in

Anyway. for those who still have open patches or want to see patches in gpm-1:

I opened a new git-branch named 1.20.1-bugfix:


I will accept patches / diffs against this branch until
about summer of 2008 and then release a bugfix release.

Patches should be:

- short
- incremental if bigger
- apply against the current state of git in the bugfix branch
   (recheck before posting)
- do not break compilation of git
- posted to this list

I will try to update gpm in git about once every 1-2 weeks.




> I would like to know what the "official" answer to this issue is from
> someone who actively works on gpm.

the patch you referenced is already included in 1.20.1, must be
something else.
Think about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

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