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Nico Schottelius nico-gpm@schottelius.org
Sat Feb 23 06:57:06 CET 2008

Hello list readers,

today (20080222) there is a new release finished:

This is a release in the new 1.99.x line, which is the way
to go for gpm2.

The main difference between 1.20.3pre3 and is the splitoff
of many of the big source files.

It should mainly be used to verify that there are no changes that break
gpm. If you want to help verifying it, do:

- download the tar:
   wget http://unix.schottelius.org/gpm/archives/gpm-
- download the checksum:
   wget http://unix.schottelius.org/gpm/archives/gpm-
- verify checksum:
   sha512sum -c gpm-
- build via ./build-from-git.sh
- cd src
- ./gpm <with your usual arguments>
- send results and your command line to this list

As soon as some people report success I will merge the stuff
back into the 1.20.1-bugfix branch, so new patches are against small

You can read more about the new version scheme in README.versions in
the top level directory.



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