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Nico Schottelius nico-gpm@schottelius.org
Sat Feb 23 08:25:36 CET 2008

Good morning Mike,

nice to see you alive early in the morning!

Mike Frysinger [Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 01:54:26AM -0500]:
> [master branch]

use either the "1.20.1-bugfix" branch for diffing against files that in
the current state or (better at the moment) the "gpm2" branch.

To explain why and how and so on:

   - 1.20.1-bugfix is thought to make a new stable release
      This branch shculd always contain something that I can git-pull,
      build and compile
   - gpm2 is thought to be the long-term replacement for gpm
      The gpm2 branch is a real development branch

To build gpm2 I heavily need to cleanup the current gpm. So one part was
to splitoff gpm.c, gpn.c and startup.c.

The next part is splitting of mice.c, which will take some time and will
happen in the gpm2 branch, too.

So the short answer is:

   Currently diff against the gpm2 branch, until the changes are merged
   back to 1.20.1-bugfix.

As soon as is confirmed to be working the changes will be
merged into 1.20.1-bugfix.

> [write access to git]

Sorry, wrong filepermissions, should be fixed permanently now:

   setfacl -m d:g:git-gpm:rwx,g:git-gpm:rwx,d:m:rwx,m:rwx -R /home/server/git/gpm 

> [...]
> so i grabbed the latest tarball and apparently it has fixes the 
> master branch does not.  what's up ?

The master is currently not in use by me. As soon as 1.20.3 is released
I will cleanup the branches to look like that:

   master: development state of gpm-1.x, does not need to compile
   gpm-1-stable: contains gpm-1.x versions that compile and run
   gpm-2-dev: development state of gpm-2.x, does not need to compile

The best thing would be, if you create a branch named "gentoo" or
"mike" (which fits better for you) and push your changes to that
branch. So I can easily see and apply your changes.



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