[gpm] Getting wheel events working again

Rod Berriman rod@optimail.com.au
Tue Mar 11 11:53:44 CET 2008

thanks Alessandro and Nico,

 I'm starting to get the idea of the code. Got imps2 wheel working now, 
to some extent.

 I'll take some time before proposing a patch, so I can understand all 
the implications.
 There's a lot of past work gone into this code!


>>> - does anyone have the earlier CVS or SVN repository, to be able to view
>>> 1.19.3 ?
>> Maybe Alessandro..iirc there are at least the tarballs available at the
>> ftp-site.
> There is no repository. It looks like I started using CVS after Nico
> took over gpm.
> All my releases (and the first ones by Nico, IIRC), are in
> ftp://gnudd.com/pub/gpm . 1.19 is under /pub/gpm/releases-2000-2001/
> /alessandro
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