[ImoLUG] Distribution Release: Piren MGS 8.2

Davide Lucchesi davide@lucchesi.eu.org
Lun 18 Feb 2008 11:02:31 CET

Dal momento che Sberla ci informa su SLAX, io ribatto con la prima
"official derived" di Piren, l'originale distribuzione nata anche in
seno all'Imolug.

Piren MGS (Multimedia Gateway System) is a Piren derived distribution,
that expands the common multimedia system with networking and security
features that are particularly suitable for a SOHO environment, but that
is powerful enough also for professional purposes.

Once loaded, you can configure and administer it using the web browser
available from the Freevo user interface, or every other host in your

The main features are listed below:

* Web management interface for the main security features, that can
be extended to provide support for many other additional services
* Asterisk web configuration interface to manage your complete
telephony engine (full PBX and related tool kit)
* 802.1d bridge with Spanning Tree protocol to avoid loops even in
the presence of redundant paths
* 802.1q Virtual LAN (tagged VLAN)
* QoS (Quality of Service) management and traffic shaping to control
traffic over a congested network
* Router with static and dynamic routes (RIP, RIPng, OSPFv2, OSPFv3
and BGP protocols) with Cisco compatible shell and command-line syntax
* Network sniffer, using the popular WireShark application
* Firewall Packet Filter and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) with
filters applicable in both routing and bridging on all type of
interfaces including VPN and VLAN
* Traditional Linux firewall configuration interface, with
shortcuts for the most common activities
* Advanced Shoreline Firwall configuration interface
* SNAT/DNAT to use private class LAN addresses hidden on the WAN
with public addresses
* IPSec and SSL based VPN management
* X509 certification authority for issuing and managing electronic
* Can run from read-only media (like a cd-rom) without the risk to
compromise your system: a simple reboot is sufficient to restore a
running configuration
* Lightweight design: can be installed on a 256 Mb flash memory or
USB stick

Moreover, every Home Theatre feature available within the original
Piren 8.2 distribution is still present.

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                | then they fight you, then you win. -- M. Gandhi

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